Social investment in the external community

Investing in the external community has a positive impact because it fosters the local economy through the sponsorships and leads to improvements to the quality of life of children, teenagers, and the elderly in situations of social vulnerability, through projects that develop skills and encourage sports, culture, and leisure. Consequently, this contributes to the access to banking services in the region.

Material topics


Impacted stakeholders:

  • Shareholders/investors
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Community/society
  • Suppliers and partners
  • Government
  • Environment
  • Banrisul Operations



Social investment in the external community

Banrisul is committed to investing in the regional culture and development, therefore, it seeks to support cultural and sports projects in the state’s different regions. Projects are assessed considering their relationship with regional development and their practical extension in several social aspects. These initiatives impact the local community through the economic development and accessibility improvements and contribute thought the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, in addition to fostering Rio Grande do Sul’s innovation ecosystem. As regards sports and education, projects offer better access to education, encourage young people and children to take up sports and contribute to fostering citizenship, human development and respect for equality in the population of Rio Grande do Sul.

Through sponsorships, Banrisul strives to be part of society by fostering projects that, preferably, contribute to employment and income generation. Such projects are linked to culture, sports, social responsibility education and technological innovation, and their achievements are of public interest, so as individuals and the community are positively impacted. In turn, the Bank’s brand is associated to social and environmental projects, which contribute to a broad disclosure to the population.