Material themes


Sales practices and customer satisfaction

The topic addresses transparency in business practices and clear communication of product and service conditions, including training of bank correspondents on the topic and issues related to customer satisfaction and experience of the product/service provided.

Innovation & technology

The theme addresses the innovation of the Company’s processes, adoption of new technologies, research and development (R&D), and digital transformation of processes and products.

Corporate governance and integrity

The topic addresses the processes, culture, regulations, and strategy that define how a company is run. It includes Governance for Sustainability, which aims to advise the committees on the theme. It also involves the mechanisms applied by the company related to ethics, integrity, and anti-corruption, as well as the communication and accountability of internal actions to its stakeholders. It also includes compliance with market practices and sector regulations.

Environmental, social, and climate risk strategy

The topic addresses the Company’s strategy, governance, environmental, social and climate risk management for adaptation and resilience to the consequences of climate change for the business, such as storms, water shortages and new regulations. Includes management of greenhouse gases and other pollutant gases.


The topic addresses the optimization of processes and activities, such as mechanisms to reduce the use of energy, water and/or waste, aiming at better financial performance and lower consumption of natural resources. It includes assessing and measuring the socio-environmental and economic impacts generated by products and services offered by the bank and operations, seeking greater eco-efficiency and maximization of positive impacts.

Partners’ and suppliers’ management

The topic addresses task management and social and environmental regulatory compliance checks of contractors (suppliers and service providers). It includes preparation of third parties that deal with the public, such as security staff.

Human capital development

The topic addresses the training and education of employees to develop and enhance  work skills and knowledge.

Diversity & inclusion

The topic addresses issues such as employee and top management composition on diversity of gender, ethnicity, color, age, PwD, LGBTQIA+ identity, and other vulnerable groups.

Data privacy and security

The topic addresses the proper functioning of internal systems and security of customer information on the data network, ensuring compliance with General Law of Data Protection – LGPD.

Sustainable products and businesses

The topic approaches the offering of services and products with positive economic, social and environmental impact. Some examples are: credit lines, solutions and products with a social and environmental focus, such as for small businesses, students, low-income population, access to housing, promotion of access to clean energy, reduction of water consumption, protection or support to biodiversity, etc.

Financial inclusion and education

The topic addresses the contribution to raising awareness among customers and non-customers about financial education and conscious use of money, and offering support and facilitated tools to expand access to financial products and services.